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Top toy manufacturer increases orders with new website

"Falls Digital was the thread of continuity that held this project together and made the aggressive timeline work. Working with so many third parties has proved challenging in the past, and honestly, gave me the most angst going into this project. Falls Digital heard this concern and from beginning to end, they anticipated my needs before I ever knew I had them. We could not have pulled this off without their digital expertise and superior project management skills."

—Tena Crock, VP of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing


The Step2 Company, LLC, is the largest American manufacturer of preschool and toddler toys and the world’s largest rotational molder of plastics. The company’s mission is to be the leading innovator of children’s products that build imaginations and enrich families. 

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Services Provided:
Website Development

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Client Challenge:

Step2 wanted to modify its ecommerce experience to meet consumers' mobile expectations and increase online orders. However, its mobile site was separate from its website altogether and the conversion rate on's mobile site was drastically lower than its desktop website.  Creating a difficult situation for Step2's digital marketing team.  Focused on the holiday sale season, Step2 sought the consultation of  Falls Digital for UX, channel management, and web development. With large tasks at hand, Falls Digital understood it wouldn't be an easy project to take on, especially with additional challenges, such as:

  • Compressed timeline due to the upcoming holiday season and internal mandate to launch by Black Friday. 
  • Multiple vendors were involved in various pieces of the project, making project management and communication a challenge overall.
  • The project scope did not account for architecture updates, so the refresh, UX, and ecommerce optimization had to occur within the existing site architecture.

Falls Digital's Solution:

Falls Digital’s UX strategy for Step2 focused on two primary areas: taking a mobile-first approach to the website refresh and increasing decision opportunities.

Building a Mobile First Website

Customers spend nearly 40% of their time on the internet using a mobile device, but this statistic is even greater for Step2’s customers at a whopping 50%. This data supported Falls Digital’s hypothesis that improving the customers’ mobile experience was critical for Step2 to capture all possible sales online through their website.

Falls Digital’s mobile-first approach prioritized essential Step2 company- and product-specific content but placed an extra focus on moving customers quickly, with as few clicks as possible, to decision pages.  Costs were reduced by eliminating the need to manage and run a second website for mobile.

What is mobile-first? Mobile first is a technique that prioritizes the design and development of the mobile website version before progressively adding and enhancing elements to create the desktop version. The mobile first approach forces designers to focus on the most important core content and functionality and build from there.

Increasing Decision Opportunities

In addition to creating a much-improved mobile experience for customers, Falls Digital researched funnel metrics for and found decision page visits and cart entries low for industry standards.  Falls Digital also conducted research on the optimal call-to-action placement for ecommerce websites and verified the findings with Step2’s website data. It became clear that the call-to-action buttons on Step2’s website were not high enough on the page or prominent enough to stand out amongst other page content.

Falls Digital elevated the most important calls-to-action on the website, the “Add to Cart” buttons on the product detail pages, to improve conversions. 

Actionable mouse over quick views were added to all gallery page images to increase cart entry.  Improved faceted navigation was implemented to all category pages, increasing product page views, and resulting in higher cart entry.

What are calls-to-action (CTAs)? Calls-to-action, or CTAs, are visual or text-based prompts to a website visitor, urging him or her to take a desired action. Some common examples include, “Call now,” “Sign up today” and “Add to cart.”

Impact on Client's Business:

With Falls Digital’s help, increased funnel entry by over 110% and site conversion by 30%, putting them on track to hit the annual sales goal. Mobile orders increased by over 75%.  


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Website Development, Inbound Marketing


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