Business Impact

  • Increased organic traffic by 61%
  • Developed and executed a new blog and email campaign
  • Successfully launched a new website, resulting in 62% growth in traffic

Lacked the internal digital skillsets to stay competitive in the digital space and grow online business:

  • Small marketing team with a traditional focus
  • Limited budget with large website enhancement agenda
  • Newly purchased digital tools with no internal ownership or knowledge

Provide digital reskilling to marketing team to execute day-to-day platform management:

  • Provide cost-benefit analysis to help client evaluate bringing tasks in-house vs. outsourcing to agencies and contractors
  • Identify current digital maturity and areas for improvement
  • Create actionable, weekly lesson plans to train team member on digital marketing basics
  • Conduct training sessions on digital marketing tools to enhance trainings and execution
  • Meet weekly to collaborate, connect on progress and provide face-to-face training

A leader in tool distribution digitally reskills in-house marketing staff to help pave the way to a new, e-Commerce website.

61% increase in organic traffic

61% increase in organic traffic

Developed and executed new blog and email campaign

Developed and executed new blog and email campaign

62% growth in overall website traffic

62% growth in overall website traffic

Excel Assembly Solutions provides calibrations and repair services, while also distributing cordless assembly tools, complete workstations and more.

Client Challenge

Under new management, Excel Assembly Solutions’ website had already gone through a big website redesign – one that greatly impacted Excel’s organic results negatively. Excel knew that in order to stay competitive and grow its e-Commerce business, the company needed to grow its digital offerings, especially its organic reach. Versed in traditional marketing, Excel wanted to make the investment in training one of its team members in digital marketing, empowering this individual to take the reins and grow Excel’s e-Commerce services. With a limited budget, the team knew this would be a heavy lift, but the need was great in order to expand online. Excel partnered with Falls Digital for assistance.


Falls Digital’s Solution

Understanding Excel’s need for training, but also wanting to be budget conscious, Falls Digital recommend a digital reskilling training for an Excel team member. To start, Falls Digital first executed a cost-benefit analysis to help Excel evaluate which areas were better to bring in-house vs. outsourcing to an agency or contractor. After the areas were identified, Falls Digital created an extensive lesson plan that spanned over a three-month period, meeting once a week for 4 hours. The lesson plan covered:

  • Digital marketing 101 – review of the core understandings and methodologies of digital marketing.
  • Content auditing and mapping– overview of the strategy, steps and templates used to execute.
  • SEO optimization and meta data creation – SEO 101, review of keyword research tools, how to perform keyword research and optimize copy and the benefits of meta data creation.
  • HubSpot and inbound marketing development – HubSpot 101, creating emails and landing pages, list development and how to use HubSpot to capture leads and nurture sales.
  • Social media content creation and community management – how to create a social media strategy, identify areas of opportunity socially, social media outreach development and the best social media tools to utilize for community management.

During these extensive trainings, Falls Digital’s training team created actionable, weekly lesson plans that required follow-up assignments from the client. Each training varied based on the need of the client and the focus of the week. To ensure training time was used efficiently, a project timeline was created, outlining each training’s focus and goal for the week.

At the end of the trainings, the client was able to leave with a digital marketing plan in place for Excel Assembly Solutions as well as a package of documents and templates that could be utilized by additional staff members in-house. The trainings not only provided Excel with the digital marketing knowledge the company needed to grow but it also gave Falls Digital and Excel the opportunity to connect face-to-face on a weekly basis.

Impact on Client's Business

With the help of Falls Digital, Excel Assembly Solutions was able to expand its digital marketing knowledge and create a new position for an in-house digital marketing expert. This professional growth not only helped enrich the internal marketing team but it also gave Excel Assembly Solutions the leverage they needed to:

  • Increase its organic traffic by 61%
  • Develop and execute a new blog and email campaign
  • Successfully launch a new website, resulting in a 62% growth in traffic