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Website Development

Business Impact

  • Increased total traffic by 32.5%
  • Increased organic traffic by 26%
  • Generated 389 leads in 20 days


  • Novik’s previous website generated a significant amount of organic traffic, and it was critical to maintain the existing level of SEO performance with the new launchpad website.
  • An upcoming tradeshow crunched the project timeline to 6 weeks.
  • Novik, located in Québec, Canada, required both English and French-language pages on their launchpad website.

Falls Digital worked with Novik to create and prioritize goals for the project:

  • Increase product catalog downloads
  • Drive traffic to the dealer locator map
  • Maintain organic traffic performance

Falls Digital partnered with Novik to build a freshly branded launchpad website in time for an upcoming tradeshow.

32.5% increase in total traffic

32.5% increase in total traffic

26% increase in organic traffic

26% increase in organic traffic

389 leads generated in 20 days

389 leads generated in 20 days

Novik is the premier manufacturer of shake and stone surface materials that offer the ideal balance of performance, appeal and luxury for dealers, builders, architects and designers. Falls Digital partnered with Novik to build a freshly branded launchpad website in time for an upcoming tradeshow that included prioritizing the following key pages:

  • Interactive dealer locator map
  • Product catalog landing page
  • Dealer training program landing page
New Novik website

Falls Digital’s Solution

Falls Digital’s strategy for Novik revolved around the growth-driven design methodology, which began with a launchpad website.

Building the Launchpad Website

Novik had big dreams for their website, but recognized that every journey begins with a single step. With Falls' help, Novik embraced building a launchpad website – a quick solution that bridges the gap between a company’s old website and its future one. Launchpad sites prioritize the most important content and functionality, are optimized for lead generation, require a much lower investment and typically take 8 – 10 weeks to go live.

Falls Digital’s launchpad approach prioritized conversions by placing highly visible calls-to-action on the homepage and internal pages that drove website visitors to download the product catalog and visit the dealer locator map.

Additionally, Falls implemented a redirect plan that ensured organic traffic generated by Novik’s old website pages would be properly redirected to new website pages.

Impact on Client's Business

In just 20 days after Novik’s launchpad website went live:

  • total traffic increased by 32.5%
  • organic traffic increased by 26%
  • 389 leads generated
    • 227 from organic traffic, with a 3.4% visit-to-conversion rate
    • 117 from direct traffic, with a 3.5% visit-to-conversion rate
    • 45 from referral traffic, with a 3.2% visit-to-conversion rate

Additionally, the Dealer Locator call-to-action on the homepage averaged a 1.6% click-through rate, and the product catalog was downloaded 319 times, with a 27.93% landing page visit-to-conversion rate.