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Modernizing an outdated business model through digital reinvention


CardinalCommerce is a global leader in consumer authentication and secure online transactions. Partnering with payment brands, processors, shopping carts and gateways, the company provides unique, secure solutions for eCommerce customers. As of February 2017, CardinalCommerce is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa.

Increase in average monthly web visits
Increase in digital leads generated
100+ New payment partners added
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Client Challenge:

To remain competitive in an unprecedented digital environment, even technology pioneers must prepare for potential market disruption. Despite being on the forefront of secure ecommerce transaction technology,  CardinalCommerce realized the company would have to find a competitive edge to achieve ambitious commercial growth objectives. Cardinal needed a scalable technology strategy that streamlined both sales and marketing efforts to rejuvenate the brand for long-term success. Applying digital technology to key areas of the business  was paramount to solving the following challenges:

  • Outdated marketing tactics producing a poor return on investment
  • An overwhelmed IT team unable to implement new technology changes on their own
  • The inability to generate high enough volume of qualified leads to drive substantial business growth

Falls Digital's Solution:

Falls Digital’s digital transformation strategy for CardinalCommerce highlighted strategic opportunities for growth by evaluating and implementing an integrated technology stack that connected internal business efforts. 

Collecting and Processing Data to Inform Marketing ROI

The Falls Digital team was able to immediately recognize the need for both a cohesive customer relationship management (CRM) tool and a marketing automation platform. Prior to client engagement, CardinalCommerce was already in the midst of purchasing Saleforce, the leading CRM platform. Falls Digital knew whichever marketing automation tool was selected would have to effortlessly integrate with Salesforce for clean data submissions.

With lead generation as a top priority, the HubSpot platform was selected for its integration capabilities with multiple different technology solutions, including Salesforce. With HubSpot, Cardinal was able to hit the ground running by quickly deploying email marketing campaigns, landing pages with progressive form fields, thank you pages, industry-focused blog posts and social media engagement, all in one cohesive tool.

Once the leads started rolling in, Falls Digital ensure all metrics were tracked to prove an increased ROI with implemented technology solutions. An ROI model was created to provide a channel-by-channel view of marketing return on investment.

Evaluating and Recommending New Business Technologies

CardinalCommerce was well-aware a new website would be necessary to accommodate business growth initiatives. The website was static and not responsive on mobile devices, causing a poor user experience. Falls Digital recommended Sitecore, a content management system built using the Microsoft .NET Framework. Due to the sensitive, technical nature of Cardinal products, Sitecore was proposed for its strong level of security best practices.

 The new featured a modernized brand, bringing the company’s secure payment solutions to the forefront. Built over time in a series of interactive sprints, the website integrated seamlessly with HubSpot to optimize for lead generation. 

Optimize the Digital Customer Experience with Brand Messaging

After the launch of the CardinalCommerce website, a website satisfaction survey was implemented to gauge visitor satisfaction. The results of the survey quickly revealed the critical need for educational content. To provide small business owners with solutions-based content, Falls Digital recommended creating a content hub to not only provide educational materials, but also capture potential leads.

In late 2016, CardinalCommerce launched Ecommerce U featuring 200+ pages of educational content. The online learning section was an instant success with users and also produced a surprising by-product: increased search engine optimization. Ecommerce U helped increase organic traffic by 84% year-over-year, driving nearly a quarter of total website traffic.

Impact on Client's Business:

For CardinalCommerce, a partnership with Falls Digital resulted in substantial business growth through digital transformation. By strategically selecting a technology stack that prioritizes integration functionality, Cardinal was able to connect business efforts across departments, allowing for key commercial growth.


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Website Development, Inbound Marketing


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