Business Impact

  • Increased number of Instagram followers by 190% in three months
  • Increased Facebook follower by 2,428
  • Reached 184,770 Facebook and Instagram users through social media advertising
  • Onboarded nine new influencers in 2017

Expand digital marketing efforts to better understand client audiences, their social journey, and the best way to engage with customers on a regular basis. 

Develop an Instagram strategy, influencer program and social media advertising pilot to help grow Kichler's brand presence and social following:

  • Create an Instagram strategy
  • Connect with a variety of influencers within the DIY, home, lifestyle and professional design & landscaping industries
  • Develop a social media advertising plan to grow followers and brand awareness

Kichler, a global lighting company, utilized customer experience to expand its digital presence, broaden its conversations with customers and grow its social follower base.

190% increase in Instagram followers

190% increase in Instagram followers

184,770 users reached via social media advertising

184,770 users reached via social media advertising

2,428 new Facebook followers

2,428 new Facebook followers

Kichler has been shedding light on what matters since 1938. This experience has helped Kichler understand that no matter how easy it is to fall in love with a fixture, it's what happens when the lights come on that's important

Client Challenge

Focused on growing their digital presence, Kichler knew that they needed to stay current within the social media space by expanding their voice and brand to reach a larger, more focused audience. However, with a limited team, they knew that they would need assistance. To ensure everything outlined was achieved, Kichler looked to their digital consulting firm, Falls Digital for assistance in jump-starting these initiatives. 


Falls Digital’s Solution

As a long-time partner of Kichler, Falls Digital proposed creating an Instagram Strategy, Influencer Program, and Social Media Advertising campaign to help grow Kichler’s brand presence, social followers, and customer engagement. 

Based on this, Falls Digital developed an Instagram Strategy that highlighted audience trends, goals and objectives, and channel management recommendations. Weaved into these categories, Falls Digital highlighted emerging DIY trends, audience profiles, and #hashtag management. With the information in hand, Kichler was able to successfully launch and fuel its Instagram account, Kichler Lighting.

With influencer-generated content receiving 4x higher click-through rate and is 35% more memorable than other brand-generated media, Falls Digital knew that launching an Influencer Program would be a natural fit for Kichler. Focused on this, Falls Digital created an Influencer Strategy that would:

  • entice brand advocates
  • engage target audiences
  • amplify its brand message
  • increase awareness and engagement

In support of these efforts, Falls Digital developed a Social Media Advertising plan to promote growth. Based on this, Falls Digital created a Holiday Giveaway and Follow-Us Instagram social media advertising campaign. The Holiday Giveaway ran for two weeks during December on Facebook and Instagram. The Follow-Us social media ad started-off on Instagram only for the first month and then branched out to Facebook.

Impact on Client’s Business

Over the course of a year, Falls Digital and Kichler collaborated to effectively implement a successful Influencer Marketing program, assist with the launching of Kichler’s Instagram account, and execute social media advertising to boost brand awareness and enhance customer engagement. As a result, Kichler experienced:  

  • A 190% increase in Instagram followers over the course of three months
  • An increase in Facebook followers by 2,428
  • The onboarding of nine influencers during 2017
  • Exposure to 184,770 Facebook and Instagram users over three months