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Global Payment authentication company reaches new audience with elearning content hub


CardinalCommerce is a global leader in consumer authentication and secure online transactions. Partnering with payment brands, processors, shopping carts and gateways, the company provides unique, secure solutions for eCommerce customers. As of February 2017, CardinalCommerce is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa.

49%Increase in organic
traffic YoY
800+Organic traffic leads
in 12-month period
21%Increase in organic
conversion rate
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Client Challenge:

CardinalCommerce wanted to reach small and medium-sized (SMB) business owners to educate them on the benefits of fraud prevention and, ultimately, capture them as customers. With pressure from the sales team to generate more SMB leads and a lack of internal resources to create a collection of SMB-focused materials, the marketing team knew this goal would be a challenge. Entering this segment was new to Cardinal. The sales and marketing teams were experienced in focusing on large to enterprise-level companies, especially crafting messaging and targeting personas that were vastly different from the SMB audience they were trying to reach. The marketing team recognized quickly that in order to accurately craft relevant messaging to the SMB space, a SMB persona would need to be created. Additionally, the marketing team had a very tight turnaround time to meet the company’s sales goals. With limited resources, the Cardinal team recognized they needed assistance in creating a strategy to grab the attention of this new audience segment.

Cardinal eCommerceU
CardinalCommerce eCommerce U

Falls Digital's Solution:

The Falls Digital Content Marketing and SEO team identified quickly that the best way to capture and hold the interest of the SMB audience was to build an SEO-focused, one-stop shop, educational hub. The goal of this content hub was to teach and provide the answers to small business owners’ top questions and concerns regarding fraud, eCommerce, and the challenges of owning a small digital business.

To identify the top eCommerce and fraud challenges faced by SMB business owners, Falls Digital created an SEO model and a SMB persona to identify the main areas of focus. Based on these content topics, the SEO team identified keywords of opportunity and forecasted the organic lift for each content theme. Understanding the organic lift helped Falls Digital create a content plan that would identify the main hubs and spokes for each area of focus.

With a content and SEO plan in place, Falls Digital created and published 200+ pieces of online, educational content that was focused on providing solutions to specific problem areas small business owners face on a day-to-day basis. To drive home Cardinal’s dedication to helping SMBs succeed, Falls Digital branded the content and created eCommerce U. The eCommerce U educational materials allowed SMBs to download the information as PDFs to share with team members, which in turn helped Cardinal capture valuable lead data for its sales team.

Impact on Client's Business:

Over a three-month period, Falls Digital and Cardinal successfully launched eCommerce U. This online educational hub for small business owners provided SMBs the information they needed to navigate the sometimes rough waters of owning and running a digital business. As a result, this 200+ page educational, content-hub helped:

  • increase CardinalCommerce’s organic traffic by 49% year-over-year
  • led to 800+ small business leads from organic traffic over a 12-month period
  • Increased organic conversion rate by 21%.


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