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Exterior Home Design Comes to Life with Interactive Building Tool


Tando is a premier manufacturer of exterior building products for homeowners, professional builders and distributors. Founded in 2016, Tando’s low-maintenance, high-performance products are available from select retailers across North America.

Increase in traffic one
month after launch
Free sample orders placed
three months after launch
More time spent on
inspiration pages
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Client Challenge:

As a new brand in a crowded marketplace, Tando needed a competitive advantage that would help the company attract buyers and gain market share. The company had numerous print materials showcasing their wide product portfolio. However, the Tando website failed to feature the rich product texture and color options found within brand brochures and product catalogs. In order to expand brand awareness, digital assets would need to be developed for the recently launched tandobp.com. 

  • Lack of brand awareness as a new company to the industry
  • Limited product availability across the United States and Canada
  • Current website did not offer a friendly customer experience for viewing and comparing products 
Tando Digital Atlas
Tando HD Sample Program
My Tando Home Creator

Falls Digital's Solution:

Falls Digital’s customer experience (CX) team recognized Tando’s digital asset challenges as a strategic opportunity. From strategy to execution, Falls Digital created a digital inspiration hub for the Tando website that provided customers with a personalized, visual design experience.

Designing for Strategic Development

To help Tando understand where the product inspiration pages would be housed and how they would be designed, Falls Digital’s CX team developed an UX strategy, complete with a sitemap and wireframes. The sitemap took into account the location on the new inspiration pages while also restructuring the website navigation for an optimal user experience informed by customer research. Wireframes were created in tandem to lay out how each newly developed webpage would be organized prior to development.

What is an UX strategyA user experience (UX) strategy is a documented plan that improves customer satisfaction rates, meets usability expectations and achieves business objectives. 

Coding to Completion 

After the completion of the UX strategy, Falls Digital quickly began developing assets for the new Tando inspiration hub. Creative design elements and identified functionalities from the UX strategy allowed Falls Digital’s front-end development team to create and integrate the digital texture and color atlas into the Tando website.

Built on the HubSpot COS with ecommerce integrations, the inspiration pages were developed with responsive functionality, allowing for an intuitive user experience on every device.

What is responsive functionality?  Responsive functionality, a standard at Falls Digital, is an approach to web design that allows pages to render and perform well no matter what device is being used 

Impact on Client's Business:

After the launch of Tando’s experience-driven inspiration hub, the company quickly saw an increase in overall website traffic within one month. The home visualization webpages also proved to provide increased engagement with users spending 60% more time than average interacting with the new tools. The ecommerce functionality delivered Tando new sales leads three months after launch with over 560 free sample orders placed.


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