Business Impact

  • Decreased bounce rate MoM by 18.3% 
  • Increased unique number of pageviews per session by 22.3%
  • Captured 200 new leads in April 2018


Website usability required expert evaluation to optimize the user experience and to discover new digital revenue and growth opportunities:

  • Website architecture presented navigation challenges for visitors.
  • Under-resourced IT department required assistance managing technology upgrades.
  • Manufacturing industry undergoing substantial shift towards digital.

Perform a heuristic evaluation of the CoorsTek website to uncover usability issues and implement recommendations to improve website usage:

  • Prioritize high-impact risks to stabilize website performance and improve uptime.
  • Rearchitect website navigation for user effectiveness and consistency.
  • Support conversion opportunities to meet website business goals.

CoorsTek, a global leader in technical ceramics solutions, undergoes a heuristic evaluation to better understand and correct usability issues associated with the website. 

CoorsTek is the global leader in technical ceramics solutions, manufacturing ceramics for semiconductor, medical, automotive, oil and gas, and many other industries. Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, CoorsTek works with engineers and scientists worldwide to develop tomorrow’s technology through custom engineering and materials expertise.

Client Challenge

The CoorsTek website, a highly-trafficked customer-facing digital asset, had recently undergone a website redesign. The website was a vast improvement from the previous design, complying with modern website design standards. However, the legacy site’s architecture carried over and remained a challenge for visiting engineers and scientists looking to procure necessary technical materials. Additionally, CoorsTek’s IT team needed additional support to implement technology updates. CoorsTek turned to Falls Digital to create a strategy for optimizing website performance and improving the user experience for their current and prospective customers.


Falls Digital’s Solution

In order to assess the usability of the CoorsTek website, Falls Digital recommended a heuristic evaluation of the website.

Heuristic Evaluation

Falls Digital’s UX team evaluated the CoorsTek website and documented issues users may encounter during a typical experience based on CoorsTek-specific data and industry best practices. Issues were rated according to severity, how commonly the issue occurred, and how many users would likely encounter such an issue.

Based on the conducted heuristic evaluation, Falls Digital uncovered minor to moderate usability issues associated with Inconsistent product taxonomy and information incompleteness all revealed to be a trend across the website, resulting in a less-than-effective navigation for visitors. Falls Digital’s team recommended prioritization of website navigation and improved calls-to-action across the site, providing a better user experience for those accessing the CoorsTek website. The heuristic evaluation also provided information that:

  • Validated effective areas of the website, such as the robust search functionality
  • Identified coding bugs for immediate development repair
  • Recommended multiple solutions to issues, offering low- and high-effort paths forward

What is a heuristic evaluation? A heuristic evaluation is a health check of a website performed by digital usability specialists to determine areas of opportunity. Such evaluations provide actionable steps forward, giving organizations concrete areas for improvement.

Wireframes and Sitemap

After the successful completion of the heuristic evaluation, Falls Digital’s UX team began crafting wireframes and a new sitemap to address and resolve identified usability issues with page design, information hierarchy and navigation.

The recommendations included within the wireframes and sitemap supported lead generation goals for the CoorsTek website as well as a best-in-class user experience. These exercises also allowed Falls Digital’s development team with a blueprint forward to improve CoorsTek’s website functionality.

What are wireframes? Wireframes are a visual blueprint of a website that identify what functions, technologies and design elements will be necessary to accomplish specific goals. 

What is a sitemap? A sitemap is a model of a website’s pages, providing a visual navigation for both users and search engines alike. 

Website Development

Once all user experience elements were identified and documented from the heuristic evaluation and accompanying wireframes and sitemap, Falls Digital began executing necessary website development activities. Immediate, high-impact risks, such as website timeouts, were prioritized and resolved to stabilize overall website performance. Following these critical areas, the development team focused on deploying new elements that improved the user experience, such as navigation rearchitecture and mobile-friendly functionality. Other website development improvements include:

  • Prominent front-end improvement of calls-to-action
  • Page speed improvements
  • SEO updates to improve website ranking

Impact on Client’s Business

After implementing recommended website upgrades, CoorsTek began to see an improved site performance. The reestablished website navigation improved the customer experience, allowing visitors to locate the information they desired without getting lost along the way. After the launch, CoorsTek’s bounce rate month-over-moth decreased by 18.3%.  The number of unique pageviews per session in turn increased by 22.3%. These performance metrics can be attributed to visitors becoming more engaged with the website content, as well as the decreased average page load time dropping by 8.22 seconds. The execution of a heuristic evaluation to inform website development opportunities allowed CoorsTek to remain competitive.