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Falls Digital helps AEM capture 1,500+ new registrations and record tradeshow attendance with paid search and display advertising


The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) is a trade association that provides services to help advanced equipment manufacturers in the global marketplace. AEM’s members fall primarily within the agriculture and construction industries.

AEM’s value to membership is extended by the Association’s ownership role in and/or management of leading industry trade shows, connecting exhibitors with customers. AEM partnered with Falls Digital to deploy digital advertising campaigns to improve tradeshow awareness, event registrations and, ultimately, increase the association’s membership base. The engagement began with one of AEM’s tradeshows, the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE). Falls Digital recommended the following solutions:

Deploying a holistic media campaign, including:

  • traditional paid search
    • display advertising
    • retargeting
    • topic targeting
  • Facebook and LinkedIn advertising pilot to test opportunities on social channels
Registrations from digital ads
Increase in registrations
Campaign conversion rate

Services Provided:
Digital Advertising

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  • Falls’ engagement with AEM began only three months prior to the show, leaving a compressed project timeline to not only launch campaigns, but achieve registration goals
  • AEM was in the planning stages of multiple tradeshow events leading up to ICUEE, making it difficult to plan and prioritize activities
  • Since AEM had not tested digital advertising before, their initial budget was lower than recommended


Falls Digital worked with AEM to create and prioritize goals for the project:

  • Drive 500 ICUEE registrations as a direct result of digital advertising
  • Create a scalable, templated approach to tradeshow advertising online that could be replicated for other AEM tradeshows
Screenshot of YouTube targeted ads
Screenshot of Facebook targeted ads


Falls Digital’s strategy for ICUEE focused on two primary goals: generating awareness and driving event registrations.

Brand Awareness
Falls Digital’s experience in the paid media environment has taught us that display advertising is an excellent way for brands to increase awareness online. We coupled that expertise with our knowledge of the typical ICUEE attendee’s online behavior – specifically, their preference for video content – and launched display ads and pre-roll video ads on YouTube. With topic targeting, Falls Digital was able to ensure ads were only shown to users who were consuming video content relevant to ICUEE attendees.

In addition to YouTube, Falls Digital helped AEM test LinkedIn and Facebook as future options for advertising. LinkedIn was chosen due to the hyper-specific targeting options available to advertisers, while on Facebook Falls opted to deploy campaigns using Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature. 

Event Registrations
In order to drive online event registrations, Falls Digital deployed paid search campaigns targeting keywords that were educational and applications-focused. For example, instead of focusing only on generic terms like “manufacturing tradeshows,” Falls Digital helped AEM capture registrations from searchers looking for educational content about equipment, training and best practices.

Falls Digital also launched remarketing campaigns targeting website visitors who were initially directed to the site via display advertising, but did not register for the show. These campaigns kept the ICUEE show top-of-mind for users who were debating whether or not to attend, giving them ample opportunity to return to the website to register.

Additionally, Falls Digital helped AEM bolster attendance through the end of the show. The final day of ICUEE had, in the past, experienced a significant drop-off in attendance as show attendees and exhibitors packed up early and headed home. Falls Digital helped AEM maintain attendance through the show’s last day by deploying remarketing campaigns specifically advertising discounted last-day passes and special events scheduled to occur on that final day of the event.


  • Achieved 109% of registration goal (545/500) for ICUEE in only three months
  • Influenced 1,009 registrations with the use of display advertising
  • Successfully created tradeshow advertising template for use in promoting future AEM events
  • ICUEE’s highest recorded last-day attendance
  • Registrations directly attributable to digital media efforts increased by 300%
  • Achieved a 7.09% conversion rate for the entirety of the campaign


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