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HR: Make Your Intranet Work Better For You

Automate repetitive processes, improve company-wide communication, and increase employee adoption.

Watch the on-demand webinar addressing HR's unique corporate intranet challenges. 

Director of Account Service Wendy Trem, a SharePoint UX practitioner with over 20 years of experience helping clients build & launch corporate intranets and extranets, shares her expertise specifically tailored to HR and corporate communications professionals.

Your intranet should make your day-to-day work life easier, not harder.

Your intranet exists to fill a need, solve a problem or act as a helpful resource. However, we often hear HR clients complain about their SharePoint intranet sites. Typically, our clients have high hopes for their intranets but struggle to obtain adoption from employees. Others simply don't have the resources or technical knowledge to make the intranet do what they need it to do, despite the functionality being available. And still others find it hard to use, poorly designed or tough to navigate. Does any of this sound familiar?

Turn your intranet into an invaluable resource to get total workplace engagement & adoption.

In the webinar, Wendy provides tips and strategies to HR Professionals to:

  • solve lack of employee engagement, adoption and usage of your corporate intranet
  • create usable and effective governance plans to keep content updated
  • provide intranet training and automate training processes for new hires
  • create workflows within your intranet to handle onboarding/termination processes

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Meet the Speakers

Wendy Trem
Director of Account Service, Falls Digital

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Original air date: 16 April 2019
Duration: 45 minutes