Building a Business Case for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is your organization's biggest growth opportunity. Learn how to get your executives on board.

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Falls Digital President Chris Caputo and Director of Digital Strategy Kristen Erickson will demonstrate how to create a convincing business case for digital transformation using an executive-facing template that is free to use for all webinar registrants. This webinar + template will arm you with everything you need to make a compelling case for a new, business-wide digital strategy that will help your company evolve and stay competitive for years to come.

We'll help you build a rock-solid business case for digital transformation.

Today's technology, business and marketing leaders often see the value of digital transformation the need for organizations to incorporate technology into their business models in order to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. But digitally transforming your company is no small undertaking. Your executive team may not be ready, or willing, to take what they perceive to be a huge risk in redefining core business processes or implementing new technology systems. Which is why, in this webinar, Falls Digital transformation experts will demonstrate how to document the business case for a large-scale digital initiative in a way that makes sense for, and inspires action from, risk-averse management teams.

Digital transformation is the way to grow — and to win.

In the webinar on November 14th, Chris and Kristen will lay out the business case for digital transformation across the board. We'll cover:

  • Common objections from management facing large-scale digital initiatives — and how to overcome them
  • Both B2B and B2C digital transformation success stories to ground concepts in real-world use cases
  • How to use the business case template (free for all webinar registrants) to effectively convince management that your digital initiative should get prioritized and funded
  • Additional helpful resources and proof points as you plan your digital transformation project

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Meet the Speakers
chris caputo falls digital president

Chris Caputo
President and COO, Falls Digital


Kristen Erickson
Director of Digital Strategy, Falls Digital

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Air Date: November 14, 2018
Duration: 1 hour