Research Report

The New CMO: Personality Traits of Influential Marketing Leaders

For Marketing Executives


Marketing Leadership is Evolving

Today's Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) face new challenges and responsibilities that are vastly different compared to those of their predecessors. Beyond marketing activities, the CMO is often being tasked with other critical business initiatives such as driving revenue, defining the customer experience and owning company growth through digital technology.

Enacting Change through Influence

The most successful marketing leaders do more than just influence growth; they influence brand evolution. Their success is linked to enacting change outside of their companies, not just within. Research has shown that many of these successful CMOs spearheading change share similar personality traits to each other that contrast significantly from their C-Suite counterparts.

This research report analyzes the personalities and psychological profiles of some of the world's most influential marketing leaders and CMOs. We'll explore how these specific personality traits position tomorrow's CMOs to be successful in their careers and within their organizations during an era of rapid technological change.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What does it take for a CMO to be influential?
  3. Personality Traits
    1. Takes Initiative, Forward-Thinking
    2. Collaborative, Persuasive
    3. Innovative, Entrepreneurial
    4. Empathetic, Conscientious
    5. Big Picture Thinker
    6. Creative, Data-Driven
  4. Conclusion

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