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Despite ample talent, tech & software vendors encounter substantial digital challenges.

Even with a technologically savvy and digitally sophisticated workforce, software and technology companies face some of the same challenges other industries do when it comes to digital transformation. An outdated legacy system, for example, could be so enmeshed within the business model that removing or replacing it would severely impact lines of business.

Small, agile disruptors seem to pop up and penetrate markets overnight, and incumbents often struggle to emulate their nimbleness and spirited entrepreneurial culture. Keeping up with the changing landscape is one thing but staying ahead of it – anticipating it and using it as a competitive advantage – is ideal.


The transformation trends within the software & technology sector are unique to the market.

To counteract these barriers, leading software and technology companies are finding success with a few common trends across the industry. Understanding the end-to-end customer experience is a primary priority within this industry, giving B2C and B2B companies a holistic understanding of the customer journey. Delayering and simplifying a company’s organizational structure is an ongoing organizational trend, with the goal of empowering decision-making at all levels and boost agility. And of course, the hot tech trends are applicable in the software and technology industry as well: IoT, automation, eCommerce, big data and cloud computing.

Our Software & Technology Clients

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Case Study: Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic, one of the largest and most esteemed hospitals in the country, was operating on antiquated systems. The global non-profit needed a long-term technology modernization plan for patient-facing and internal infrastructure. As a long-term Cleveland Clinic partner, Falls Digital proposed an operational change management program.

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