Achieve total company adoption with a thoughtfully designed SharePoint intranet.

Quick and simple SharePoint improvements to get employees on board.

Nearly 1 in 3 companies surveyed say that adoption is their biggest SharePoint challenge. These IT, HR and communications professionals invest so much time, effort and energy into launching or maintaining a SharePoint intranet, only to see those efforts fall flat when employees refuse to use the tool. That's where Falls Digital comes in. 

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Why Falls Digital?

Our expertise lies in designing SharePoint intranets so user-friendly, employees can't tell the difference between the intranet and any other modern website online. Because the platform makes their lives so much easier, they choose to use it. Customizing SharePoint to match employee and business needs leads to: increased adoption, better collaboration, and more effective communication across organizations.

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Custom SharePoint Development

Our expert developers design and build custom intranets, team sites & communication sites tailored to departmental usage and function. 

SharePoint Server Services

Falls Digital technology consultants operate and maintain servers, server farms, sites, and solutions in a SharePoint Server.

Information Governance

From taxonomy and architecture to user roles and search capabilities, the Falls Digital team can administer and optimize the way your information is stored and accessed.

Workflow Design & Implementation

With SharePoint workflows engineered by Falls Digital, business processes are automated behind the scenes so your team can focus on work, not how the work is processed.

Enterprise Social Collaboration

Falls Digital helps companies leverage SharePoint's social networking features to inspire collaboration and cross-team connection.

Upgrades & Migrations

Falls Digital's SharePoint and content teams can complete time-consuming administrative maintenance tasks, like server upgrades and document migrations.

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