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Content may still be king, but technology and data are vying for the throne.

Marketing automation platforms, like HubSpot, are powerful technology platforms that give marketers a centralized system to gather and store invaluable customer data. That data is captured in part by smart forms built to ask for new information with each return visit, which triggers the automation: custom workflows, an internal notification to a specific territory sales rep, the addition to a specific mailing list or the assignment of a lead score... the list goes on.

These platforms are being leveraged by millions of marketing teams all over the world to publish content and drive lead generation campaigns, but unfortunately, simply purchasing and installing the technology alone doesn’t guarantee business growth. Getting the most out of a marketing automation system requires a scalable lead generation strategy, the creation of quality, relevant content, and several critical technology integrations.


Marketing automation is the precise & powerful alignment of content, tech and data.

A marketing automation system is only as effective as its inputs. Inbound marketing tactics drive traffic into the system, strategic forms capture lead data, and seamless technology integrations place information in the right hands for qualification and follow up.

Falls Digital is an award-winning HubSpot-certified Platinum partner with seasoned in-house marketing automation, content and technology experts. Our team helps marketing leaders strategize, build and deploy thoughtful and effective marketing automation models that support overarching business objectives and drive success for the organization.

Our Marketing Automation Process

Data Personalization

Send personalized messages to your leads based on their lifecycle stage, content interests, job title or other customized criteria by adding dynamic content blocks to emails, website pages and other promotional content.

Landing Pages

Build and deploy campaign-specific landing pages with ease so you can direct visitors to highly targeted content when they click through an email, social post or digital ad.

Smart Forms

Smart forms capture new field properties from visitors each time they submit a landing page form on your website, giving you additional pieces of lead intelligence with every interaction.

Automated Workflows

Set up automated workflows to send timely, relevant emails to your contacts behind the scenes until they’re fully nurtured and ready for a phone call from sales.

Lead Scoring

Help your sales team identify the hottest leads in the system by assigning weighted scores based on a lead’s interactions with your content.

CRM Integration

Integrate your marketing automation platform with your CRM so your sales team can access lead intelligence and customer activity in real-time, without having to learn a new technology system.

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