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Advertising technology is constantly evolving. 

When the largest ad platforms in the world, like Google and Facebook, change the rules on a near-daily basis, it’s no wonder that brands struggle to play the game effectively. Integrated advertising campaigns require expertise across several channels, like search engines, social media, native platforms, and often require design or video editing skills as well. Add in print, retail and website integrations, and the complexities pile up further. Ultimately, the digital advertising skills gap within today’s organizations is widening instead of contracting, and the ad technology revolution isn’t waiting for the slow respondents to catch up.


Programmatic is changing the game for advertisers.

Programmatic media buying is the automated methodology of advertising based on algorithmic data in real time, instead of the traditional and outdated model of manually identifying, planning, timing and placing ads far in advance. The benefits are no secret: programmatic is expected to make up more than 80% of digital ad spend in the US by 2019. Programmatic advertising offers brands the most effective contextual and behavioral targeting, precise and relevant messaging, unprecedented efficiency gains, guaranteed ad and brand safety, and incomparable scalability.

Paid Advertising Channels


More than 70% of purchases begin with a Google search, making search engine advertising one of the most effective channels to drive qualified conversions. Paid search ads are text-based and conversion-focused, based on keywords and phrases.


Leverage Google, Bing and Yahoo’s vast partner networks to display banner ads on the websites your target audience visit most. Display advertising complements search by increasing brand visibility and reach.

Social Media

With social channels like Facebook forcing brands to pay for visibility, social advertising spend is expected to reach nearly $20B in 2018 in the US alone, which is twice what companies invested only three years prior.


YouTube has one billion active users each month, making pre-roll and in-stream video ads a prime opportunity for companies to connect with their audience. Video ads offer a unique opportunity to interact with the viewer, unlike static text- and image-based ad content.


Hyperlocal advertising allows brands to target an audience based on a geographic radius, which is an effective way to support tradeshow advertising and event promotion, advertise an individual business location, and draw attention to open job positions.


Native advertising, sometimes called “chameleon content,” is paid content that matches the platform on which it’s published, mimicking the editorial style and tone. It is usually designed to persuade readers to act.

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