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In an era of instant gratification, customer experiences matter most. 

Statistics show that customer experience has surpassed both product quality and price point as the primary criteria for consumers making a purchasing decision. And while long-standing enterprises are beginning to recognize a need to improve their end-to-end customer experience, less than half have a formal plan in place to actually do so.

Falls Digital is a leading customer experience and UX design agency with in-house practitioners who have implemented sophisticated omnichannel programs across a wide array of industries and markets. Our CX and UX programs incorporate Voice of the Customer (VoC) insights with technology applications and business objectives to deliver superior omnichannel experiences for both internal and external customers.


A CX program organizes & prioritizes customer journey enhancements.

Throughout the customer lifecycle, your customers will interact with your brand in a variety of ways: online and offline, in person at a brick-and-mortar store, via phone or chat, removing packaging, troubleshooting issues, and hopefully one day purchasing another item and turning into a repeat customer.

Each of these interactions offers your company a distinct opportunity to delight the customer with a simple and positive experience, earn brand equity and gain a lifelong brand advocate. A customer experience program maps and assesses the impact of every touch point between your brand and your customers and systematically works to organize and prioritize closing gaps and making impactful improvements to each one. 

Customer Experience Program Components

Customer Insights

The first step to building an effective customer experience program is monitoring and capturing the Voice of the Customer (VoC). The ability to continuously gather feedback and turn it into actionable insight is critical to success.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is an exercise in plotting each customer interaction along a linear path, visually documenting the experience, to identify and prioritize enhancements. 

User Testing

User testing, sometimes called usability testing, is the most effective way to get real-time feedback from customers interacting with your product, website or other application or device interface. Real users are asked to use the product, and its ease of use is assessed.

UX Strategy

The user experience strategy is a documented plan to design a digital user experience that improves customer satisfaction rates, meets usability expectations and achieves business objectives.

Omnichannel Strategy

An omnichannel strategy is a documented plan to design simple and positive customer experiences across all channels, offline and online, like seamlessly integrating an online application with a brick-and-mortar customer touch point. 

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