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Content is your most valuable brand asset. Could it be working harder for you?

Historically, the publication of quality content has been an effective (arguably, the most effective) marketing strategy. Consider Benjamin Franklin’s famous publication, Poor Richard’s Almanack, published first in 1732 and annually serialized until 1758. It sold exceptionally well and garnered economic growth for Franklin, who used the pamphlet to promote his printing business.

The concept of content marketing is a simple one, and one that Franklin capitalized on very effectively: create content that your audience finds valuable, and they will grow to trust your brand and rely on your company as a solutions provider.

The execution can be a challenge for today’s businesses; the level-of-effort and complexities of content marketing are sometimes underestimated.


Content marketing produces a higher ROI than any other channel.

Despite data demonstrating its effectiveness, results show that fewer than 50% of businesses have a content marketing strategy in place, potentially leaving a significant amount of money on the table from lost traffic and leads.  With a solid plan, supported by a marketing automation system, businesses today are positioned to capture more opportunities than ever by creating and promoting quality, solutions-based content.

Falls Digital is an experienced content and inbound marketing agency and a certified HubSpot Platinum partner. Our clients have entrusted us to marry content, technology and data into cohesive strategies that support marketing goals and drive holistic business growth.

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Content Creation

Instead of writing only about your products and services, create and promote solutions-based content that will help your potential buyers solve a problem or overcome a challenge, earning their trust and loyalty.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a specific content marketing methodology that maps content requirements to lifecycle stages to attract, convert, close and delight customers.

Social Media

Connect and interact with your prospects and customers directly on social media, one of the most valuable marketing platforms to monitor customer satisfaction, maintain brand control and increase awareness.


Blogging is an effective way to publish fresh content with regularity, making it a go-to content channel for businesses and resulting in 434% more indexed pages and 93% more indexed links than websites without a blog.

Influencer Programs

Influencer programs are great complements to social media strategies, leveraging influential social media users with a substantial following to help promote your brand, product or service.

Email Marketing

Email is the preferred method of communication for business professionals, so B2B businesses especially should consider incorporating email as a primary content marketing channel.


An SEO strategy based on keyword research and technical on-page and back-end best practices ensures your content gets indexed with SERP rankings.


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