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Brand is synonymous with influence.

The most iconic brands in the world don’t rely on fancy gradients, interactive effects or stylized fonts to represent their identity. The simplest brand images – a bite taken out of an apple, a castle framed by the setting sun, a swoosh symbol representative of sound and motion – often pack the most powerful punch.

That’s because good branding isn’t built on design and style alone. Branding is defined by customer experiences, the public’s general perception of the business, and the influence the company wields within the industry. A good brand is consistent, recognizable, and evokes positive emotions from its consumers.


Influence feelings, influence choice, and ultimately, influence action.

Although the quality of consumer experiences is the final litmus test for a brand, make no mistake: companies are in complete control of defining the customer experience and communicating the brand story in a way that connects and resonates with customers. Brands that tap into human emotion by evoking passion and trust are the brands that can sway decisions and, ultimately, get consumers to act and buy.

Falls Digital is your trusted group of brand architects and storytellers, the team your company can rely on to help you define your brand’s identity and personality. By gathering a deep understanding of your company’s history, internal culture and business strategy, Falls Digital will work closely with your leadership team to develop a creative and engaging brand that influences customer action.

Our Branding Services

Logo Design

A company’s logo is often its most valuable brand element: a single component that communicates the brand’s personality, value, style and identity – all in one simple design. 

Visual Identity

Visual identity includes logo variations, color palettes, font choices and photography or image guidelines for print and digital use.

Interactive Style Guide

A brand’s interactive style guide is a tool that contains guidelines and instructions for using visual identity assets to enforce corporate-wide brand consistency.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging defines how a company conveys its value to consumers, including guidelines for language, word choice, style and tone.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture organizes brands, sub-brands, products and services within an organization in a strategic way to influence consumer perceptions.


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