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Professional service firms face unique digital challenges.

The internet has dramatically changed human behavior and expectations. People want to solve their problems quickly and easily; a Google search to answer a law question, a free app to file our taxes, accounting software that can be installed and running in a matter of minutes. This commodification of professional services creates quite a challenge for professional service firms who are now in a position of simultaneous risk and great opportunity.

Regardless of how digitally accessible information becomes, there is simply no 1:1 replacement for the relationship and expertise provided by a human being. Attorneys, accountants, tax preparers – these experts provide context and emotion to the services they provide that is unattainable with technology alone.


Professional service firms are turning barriers into opportunities.

Professional service firms that choose to use technology to bolster long-term, trusted relationships with clients are the ones that will succeed despite the commodification of their services. Providing better customer experiences, reducing costs and becoming more efficient in their service delivery are all attributes appreciated by clients, who will in turn find the relationship more valuable.

Professional services firms are using technology to evolve and add value for clients. Technologies like cloud computing, machine learning, customer relationship management (CRM) software and customized client portals are a few examples. These innovative digital applications don’t just impress clients, but they also drive talent empowerment and retention – an oft-cited struggle for professional service firms. A cohesive digital transformation strategy is just the first step to securing longevity, but it’s an important one.

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Case Study: McDonald Hopkins

McDonald Hopkins, an innovative business advisory and advocacy law firm with 140 attorneys and 50 service & industry teams, came to Falls Digital with substantial technology stability issues. While reducing downtime was the urgent priority, the firm’s marketing leadership team did not neglect the importance of rectifying errors with an eye toward supporting the long-term vision of building a best-in-class digital experience for clients and attorneys.

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