Technology isn't a risk for manufacturers, it's an opportunity. 


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American manufacturers are facing similar challenges.

The manufacturing sector is considered by many to be the backbone of the American economy. The data supports that premise: manufacturing contributes more than $2 trillion to our economy annually and employs nearly 9% of our total workforce. Despite the healthy data points, the manufacturing industry is facing some big questions that need answered. Skilled laborers are aging out of the workforce without replacement. Technological advancements are upending operations and raising customer expectations. Global competition for cheap labor is undermining the perceived value and taking business overseas.

But as these challenges grow, so do the opportunities. Manufacturing organizations that are strategically embracing technology, and purposefully managing change to their advantage, are the ones poised for long-term growth and success. 


Technology trends in manufacturing are focused on improving the customer experience.

Leading manufacturing companies are doing several things right. They’re maintaining a focus on the customer by using technology to provide better solutions. In some cases, this means product innovations, like composites and other advanced materials. In other cases, this means robotics or automation to reduce overhead costs and pass savings through to the customer. Some advanced manufacturing companies are implementing robust B2B e-commerce systems, using digital technology to evolve their sales and marketing channels to enhance the customer experience. Others still are using big data, augmented or virtual reality technologies, and business intelligence to drive strategic growth.

Ultimately, the manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital transformation. Not unlike other industries, leading manufacturers are applying technology to their business models to propel growth and capture market share at an unprecedented rate. Embracing change could be your biggest competitive advantage.

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Case Study: Excel Assembly Solutions

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