Research Report

Industry Spotlight: The Intersection of Law & Tech

For Law Partners & Managing Partners


Law Firms Face Unique Challenges

Lawyers are under pressure to bill as much time as possible through to clients, rarely if ever pausing to assess and improve processes, develop a new skill or learn how to use an updated technology system. Simultaneously, client expectations are increasing, and firms understand they must evolve to meet those expectations.

Overcoming Challenges With Technology

For digital transformation in law firms to succeed, managing partners need buy-in from the primary technology users: the attorneys. The key to obtaining buy-in is demonstrating how technology can strengthen client relationships and ultimately make the firm more profitable.

This research report focuses on the juncture between law firms and technology; specifically, attorneys are working within a system built around the almighty and untouchable billable hour, and technology applications have historically struggled to fit within that model. This report aims to explain how law firms are succeeding in executing digital transformation initiatives and offers firms a blueprint for their own digital overhaul.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. The Attorneys
  4. The Business Model
  5. The Technology
    1. Cloud Infrastructure
    2. Machine Learning
    3. eDiscovery
  6. Conclusion


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