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The healthcare industry's complexities are no secret.

Healthcare is complicated. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the American economy, enormously expensive for both providers and patients, and highly regulated on both a local and federal level. Add in partisan policy disputes, the unique patient privacy requirements mandated by HIPAA, and the diverse audience segments operating within the system (medical providers, patients, caregivers, insurance companies), and you’re left with a uniquely multi-faceted and sensitive market in which to operate.

Luckily, technology is alleviating many of these challenges by making healthcare simpler for patients and providers.


Top facilities are redefining healthcare delivery with technology.

Enter technology-enabled care (TEC). Leaders in the healthcare market are applying technology to their operating models in strategic ways, resulting in efficiency gains, higher patient access, improved omnichannel patient experiences and scalable infrastructures. These technology applications are allowing facilities to tap into growth potential that’s simply unattainable without digital help.

While no two technology initiatives are the same, a few common applications are being leveraged with regularity. Systems integration projects are allowing previously siloed data and knowledge to be shared seamlessly across medical teams; machine learning, predictive analytics and other business intelligence and insight can be turned into actionable, strategic plans for growth. Personalized content across channels – websites, mobile devices, waiting room kiosks – is giving patients more control over their own care. Cloud computing and infrastructure are improving security and reducing latency. And that’s just the beginning.

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Case Study: Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic, one of the largest and most esteemed hospitals in the country, was operating on antiquated systems. The global non-profit needed a long-term technology modernization plan for patient-facing and internal infrastructure. As a long-term Cleveland Clinic partner, Falls Digital proposed an operational change management program.

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