The Digital Opportunity in Building Products

In an industry built on indirect distribution, customers are demanding more from the manufacturers.


Rising customer expectations are changing the building products industry.

Building product and building material manufacturers have long relied on indirect sales channels to distribute their products in the market. While that still works for most of the market, today's digitally savvy customers expect more from the manufacturers -- and not many are positioned to meet those expectations head on.

Digital immaturity is hindering growth. 

A building product manufacturer that has always focused on product quality innovations or supply chain optimizations may not be equipped to take on a direct relationship with end users, whether their end users are retailers or homeowners. Faced with the sudden need to build a robust digital customer experience, some manufacturers are lagging behind.

Digital transformation is the solution. But how?

Digital transformation is a must for building product manufacturers, but it's easier said than done. Substantial changes to any business model are a challenge for any company, but even moreso for large companies lacking technical expertise in-house. Now is the time for business leaders within this sector to begin planning their own digital business reinvention - if they haven't begun already.

What's Inside

This research report from the industry experts at Falls Digital aims to help building product, building material and construction sector business leaders understand the enormity of the digital opportunity within their markets, and provide actionable next steps to move digital initiatives forward. 

Table of Contents:
  • Executive Summary
  • An Industry Built on Indirect Distribution
  • Growth Strategies Within the Indirect Distribution Model
  • Blockers to Long-Term Growth For Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Overcoming the Barriers
  • What to do Today to Begin your Digital Transformation

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