Customer Journey Map: Project of the Year

Should customer journey mapping be a separate line item in your marketing budget? Industry experts think so.


Customer experience (CX) will be the primary brand differentiator by 2020.

Gone are the days when marketers could hang their hats on superior product or service quality to generate leads. Gone are the days when sales teams could offer a price discount to beat out a competitor. Gone are the days when customer service reps could hand out freebies like candy to make amends for bad experiences.

Today's customers demand more.

Those days have been replaced by a growing emphasis on customer experience as the primary driver of final purchase decisions. As businesses struggle to meet their customers' expectations, they're faced with some challenging questions: what do my customers really want from my brand? What motivates them to come back? What constitutes a "good" customer experience? And how can my business even begin to formulate a customer experience program? 

Customer journey mapping is a critical first step toward improving customer experiences.

A customer journey map plots the interactions between a target customer archetype and your brand in a visual, easily-digestible way. Customer journey maps typically begin with the business's internal team: what do we believe to be the journey today? Where are the weaknesses and opportunities as we see them? And when consensus is gained on the current state, that journey map is validated by interviewing actual customers. The discrepancies are often surprising, but highly valuable to the business.

What's Inside:

This complimentary eBook from the CX experts at Falls Digital aims to help marketing and business leaders understand why a customer journey map is critical as you begin planning customer experience improvements for your company. It also includes:

  • compelling statistics to support the business case for customer journey mapping
  • customer journey map template examples
  • a customer journey map success story from a Falls Digital client
  • actionable next steps to begin your customer journey mapping project

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