Top 8 Best Looking Intranet Designs

October 30, 2018 | Wendy Trem


Design is a critical aspect of creating an intranet that your employees will actually want to use. The design is the façade and it can be a make a break for your company’s digital collaboration efforts. A well-designed intranet is the deciding factor between successful adoption and complete abandonment.

That being said, there are plenty of ways to develop a stunning, and functional, intranet that users enjoy accessing. By taking advantage of a wide range of design choices, you can make an attractive intranet that your employees won’t hesitate to dive into.

Long story short, good aesthetic=happy users.

Our UX professionals created a list of some of best-looking intranet designs, in no particular order. To be deemed top class, the following intranets provide rich functionality, ease of use, and of course, aesthetically pleasing design.

Color and Aesthetic

RCN has created an effective intranet design by utilizing the power of color in their background. By using simple colors that are not overbearing, RCN’s intranet has both an attractive, and interesting, interface.

Additionally, RCN’s intranet is set up much like a newsletter, divided into columns with the most important and timely news focused at the top.

The straight-forward, newspaper-style setup combined with the splash of color makes the intranet appealing and easy to read.

intranet image 1
Source: Interact Intranet

Powerful Multimedia

Video and images are the obvious highlight of this example Origin intranet. By using appealing, high-quality multimedia, the site easily draws attention.

This example uses a simple, organized design full of video and images to introduce content, links and forms. The visuals tell the story, so to speak, drawing users into the content and work spaces within the intranet.

 intranet 2
Source: Unily

Simple and Clean

This sample intranet masters the art of customizing design to your specific brand. The simple, clean design is perfect for the professional and no-nonsense world of real estate.

By placing documents and timely messages at the top of the site, this intranet provides users with the important documents they need and keeps them updated with resources.

Having a calendar on the home page is also a great way for the users and employees to be notified of company events. When it comes to practicality, simple and clean can go a long way!

As Toby Ward of writes, “…the home page must be simple and easy to digest at a glance. The days of long scrolling pages for the sake of ‘information scent’ are long gone. Scrolling pages are good on the Internet, but not for the intranet home page.”

Source: HyperOffice


Need basic, yet highly-organized design? Having a document-heavy homepage is a great way to organize content. But remember: users will only be able to navigate effectively if content is properly categorized and labeled.

Keep it simple with a document-loaded homepage and make sure the content is organized in a straightforward way. By doing this, you make it easy for users to access content, organize content, and be productive.

intranet 4
Source: Unily


Another site that exemplifies the power of customization is this educational example. By modeling the intranet after a school planner, users are given an interface based on real life.

Employees and users will know where to go if they need additional information because the tabs on the top of the page are like tabs on a real notebook. If they need to know about important upcoming meetings and events, all of the basic information is laid out before them on the “page”.

Customizing your intranet design doesn’t always have to be literal, but if you know the types of media people in your industry respond to best, that’s a great place to start. This example does a great job of using traditional methods of workflow to their advantage.

intranet 5
Source: HyperOffice


For any given company, communication is necessary to increase collaboration, productivity, and success. An effective intranet is a great way to achieve strong communication and collaboration, especially for remote workers.

This sample design is way to put a name to a face for all the users in your intranet network, and a great example of using discussion boards as a homepage item. This keeps users consistently updated and engaged with conversation.

intranet 6
Source: Unily

Strong Background

What makes this intranet design particularly appealing is the contrast between the background and the homepage content. In this case, it looks as if the user is reading a newsletter while sitting on the beach.

The contrast between the background and the page puts a greater focus on what’s important – the content. Not only that, the background image is aesthetically pleasing yet not distracting.

The setup of the site is also important to note. The three-column page is well-organized and provides users with information they need to know upon visiting.

intranet 7
Source: Interact Intranet

Professional and Plain

This example doesn’t have to be used for public sector agencies only, but it certainly works well for them. One reason why is the clean design – plenty of white space with simple content organization. Users are provided with the three most important columns here, one for documentation, one for calendar events, and another for communication tools.

Those in the public sector, or any profession based on strong ethos, rely on strategic communication and face-to-face interaction. This intranet site accomplishes that by placing a message and headshot at the top of the page.

In addition to being clean and plain, the site does a great job of staying organized. There should be little to no confusion for users as to where the important documentation is and which events are upcoming.

When it comes to simplicity, Alexandria Nelson of Interact recommends asking yourself, “Is it easy to use, deploy, and maintain? Will it deliver a great UX for our employees?”

intranet 8
Source: HyperOffice

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