Storing Your Content in SharePoint is the "Smart" Decision to Make

November 8, 2018 | Wendy Trem
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Managing collaborative content is no small task, especially when it comes to developing an optimized final product. Details matter and teamwork is crucial. You’re smart and capable and so is your team. So wouldn’t it make sense to have a content management system that is just as smart as you?

Recently, Microsoft released new features for SharePoint that make content management and team collaboration easier. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the new features could change the way content is shared and consumed. It aims to be smarter, faster, and more productive.

Smart Productivity

Content search

Rich file types like audio, video, and images were hard to manage in the past and equally difficult to find. But intelligent new Office 365 features are designed to bring the content directly to you.

SharePoint’s new technology includes a native and secure AI to easily search for video, audio, and image files. For instance, images are sorted by AI to find objects or text within an image or even determine where an image is taken. This way, you can search for image files the same way you’d search for a document.

By also searching folders for receipts, you can find the receipt that mentions whatever you’re looking for. Below, we’ll look at a recommendation tool that can help you access the content you need without having to click a single button.

Transcription services

Tired of rewinding and listening to videos over and over just to find one quote? Video and audio files will now feature an automated transcription service. Once a video or audio file is uploaded, a full transcript will automatically be available in a viewer that can support over 320 file types.

When videos are published on Microsoft Stream, they will still include a transcription service and other AI features like face-detection and automated captioning. And to keep videos secure, all of the content is contained in the Microsoft Cloud, keeping it away from potentially dangerous third-parties.

File recommendation

Working on a project and need to jog your memory? A feature called “Tap” will help Word and Outlook recommend content for you that is relevant to whatever you are working on. You can repurpose and make use of past content - such as graphics, charts, and text - on whatever new document or email you’re creating.

The recommendation feature is designed to connect content to content, making it easier for you to reuse and integrate relevant files. Mining your existing content is automated, so you don’t have to do the work of seeking it out yourself.

Smart Decision-Making

Part of the new SharePoint set of features is designed to make your decision-making faster and easier, giving you the data and tools necessary to manage your content. You won’t have to dodge roadblocks just to get an inside look.

Content insights

A new update to the file card provides you with statistics for any file stored in SharePoint. This will give you access to the collaboration aspects - allowing you to see who has viewed each file and their activity with it.

In the future, Microsoft plans to add this feature natively to Office and additional features that include time to read and key points from the document. This is designed to be another “inside look” type of tool.

Easier sharing

Want to share important content with people in your meeting? Tools for faster, easier sharing are designed to help you stay on task and keep the workflow moving, especially in meetings.

This sharing feature will allow you to share content, such as a PowerPoint presentation, with attendees your meeting. The feature is aimed to help you easily share relevant content with everyone to keep them informed and on the task at hand. For instance, a tool will prompt you to share a PowerPoint presentation with co-workers or share photos containing important information from a brainstorm session.

Data insights

Data insight features will allow you to access sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and custom image recognition. Worried about your beautiful content? You can still keep your content secure in the Microsoft Cloud and not have to worry about potentially insecure outside services.

Access to this data will also allow you to easily design workflows, organize images, and set up notifications. 

Smart Security

Data loss prevention & compliance

Few things are more important in the digital world today than security and privacy. As mentioned before, native AI and content management keep you safe from potentially insecure third parties.

Other features will make it easier to use key compliance capabilities with audio, video, and image files. The feature gives you the option of using text extracted from photos and audio and video transcripts to apply compliance policies and protect your content.

Ready to Get Smart?

To get the benefit of all the new and intelligent features, you can simply move your content to SharePoint and begin to take advantage. Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to continue their investment in AI capabilities to help SharePoint get even smarter.

The security of online content can’t be stressed enough in today’s age, but considering the other features of SharePoint’s content management is critical as well. By using them, you can take advantage of faster, smarter, and more productive tools to take your content to new levels.

To learn more about content management and how to transform your digital strategy, be sure to check out the Falls Digital website.


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