Pitch Perfect: Crafting Email Offers That Resonate

May 11, 2015 | Chris Caputo


We’ve yet to find a lead with an empty mailbox, so how can you make your brand’s message stand out from innumerable coupon offers and sales pitches? At Falls Digital, we know that the best emails provide value to prospective and current leads alike and actually help convert leads. Read on to learn our strategy for making sure that your company’s emails stay far, far away from the Spam folder.

Make Friends

Relationship building via email is not dramatically different from relationship building off-line. You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and ask them for a favor right after shaking hands, right? By giving value to your leads, you can build a strong rapport before you hook them with your sales pitch. Experts suggest that companies can use infographs, respond to customer comments on social media, or even include a free sample of products or services to show customers just how much value your company can provide them.

Show What You Know

Thoroughly research your leads’ company before clicking “Send.” The best pitches directly address a prospective lead’s needs and are written in a tone that matches that company’s voice. Successful pitches to companies with traditional hierarchies will look very different from pitches that resonate with a more laid-back company. No matter who you’re pitching to, make sure to let your voice shine through. No one is going to read through and respond to an email that seems auto-generated and crammed with irrelevant SEO buzzwords.

Your research should also help you uncover your prospective leads’ weaknesses- you might even stumble upon a weakness that the company had yet to identify! Once you’ve identified any potential struggles, you can create a compelling argument as to why your company has a uniquely tailored solution to their problems.

Get to the Point

The best arguments are succinct and get right to the point. Lengthy emails are daunting and often go unread by the targeted leads. Don’t start out by overwhelming or irritating your prospective leads with unnecessary details, get straight to the point and save critical message space for eye-catching images or valuable offers that support your pitch.

We’ve found that email marketing can be incredibly efficient when each message provides prospective leads with short, value-filled messages.

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About the Author
Chris Caputo

Chris Caputo is a strategic marketing technologist with over 20 years of BtoB, BtoC and agency experience. An accomplished strategic marketing leader, Chris has extensive experience architecting marketing communication plans, digital marketing roadmaps, user experience planning, and developing digital customer acquisition, conversion and retention strategies. Having led BtoB marketing departments for a variety of companies and digital agencies, Chris has developed a rounded set of skills that include a depth of multiple marketing disciplines (PR, Advertising & Direct Marketing) overlapped with Digital, Print and Broadcast channels.

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