Novik: A Growth-Driven Design Success Story

March 31, 2016 | Joanna Motrunecs


Novik, the premier manufacturer of shake and stone surface materials, partnered with Falls Digital in late 2015 to build a freshly branded launchpad website for an upcoming tradeshow in mid-January 2016. With the quick turnaround, Falls Digital and Novik quickly identified the must-have website pages for the tradeshow:



With a 6-week turnaround for one of the largest tradeshows in the industry, time was of the essence for the website redesign. Novik’s previous website was generating a significant amount of organic traffic and it was critical to ensure the new launchpad website wouldn’t impact this traffic, especially during the tradeshow. In addition, Novik is located in Quebec, Canada, so the company was required to provide both English and French-language pages on their launchpad website – all within 6 weeks.


Falls Digital worked with Novik to identify and prioritize the goals for their new launchpad website. These goals included: 

  • Increase product catalog downloads
  • Drive traffic to dealer locator map
  • Maintain organic traffic performance



Given the short timeframe, Falls Digital’s strategy for Novik revolved around the growth-driven design methodology. This was the perfect solution to help kick off the launchpad website. previous website design

Novik knew they wanted something new and fresh to unveil at the big tradeshow, but also realized that they wanted to develop a larger, more robust website and that would take time. With bridging the gap between Novik’s old website and its future one, Falls Digital recommended starting with developing a launchpad website using the growth-driven design methodology and the HubSpot platform.

By following this growth-driven design methodology, the launchpad allowed Novik to prioritize
the most important content and functionality, optimize for lead generation (a must at a tradeshow) and quickly turn around a new website to present at the tradeshow within 6 weeks.

The launchpad approach for Novik also prioritized conversions on the homepage and internal pages to drive visitors to download the product catalog and visit the dealer locator map. Additionally, to ensure Novik maintained its organic traffic, Falls Digital implemented a redirect plan that ensured organic traffic generated by Novik’s old website pages would be redirected to new website pages after the launchpad went live.

novik-new_website.pngThe new website design


The results speak for themselves! In just 20 days after Novik’s launchpad website went live, the site:

  • increased total traffic by 32.5%
  • increased organic traffic by 26%
  • generated 389 leads
    -  227 from organic traffic, with a 3.4% visit-to-conversion rate
    -  117 from direct traffic, with a 3.5% visit-to-conversion rate
    -  45 from referral traffic, with a 3.2% visit-to-conversion rate

Additionally, the Dealer Locator call-to-action on the homepage averaged a 1.6% click-through rate, and the product catalog was downloaded 319 times, with a 27.93% landing page visit-to conversion rate. 

For more information on how Falls Digital can jump start a growth-driven design plan for you, contact us. We love nothing more than helping companies like yours achieve success!

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