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December 20, 2018 | Michael Donahue


Our partners at Umbraco have recently put out two major releases: Umbraco Version 7.12 and Umbraco Latch. Both are incredible offers for Umbraco users, designed for convenience and improved data communication. The platform provides helpful multimedia that includes text and visuals to help make sense of the new software updates.

Sound interesting? This article will help you learn more about Umbraco’s latest offers, the benefits of them, and what to expect should you decide to use them. Because of their affordances, these releases are worth exploring, especially for existing users of Umbraco Cloud.

Umbraco Latch

Secure data protection and communication has become a major concern of the digital age. While the idea of data communication might have made some users uncomfortable in the past, plenty of companies have recently been able to retool and provide their users with outstanding protection services.

This is where Umbraco Latch comes in. This new feature will give Umbraco Cloud users free HTTPS availability. HTTPS is a protocol that places an encrypted layer of security between a user’s browser and your website. This gives the user and the server a secure connection.

Latch is free for Umbraco Cloud websites and will automatically set itself up. Conveniently, Latch also sets up TLS certificates for websites that don’t currently have these certificates employed. This provides websites with HTTPS support automatically upon installation.

Benefits of Umbraco Latch

  • Automatic Setup: It’s easy to see why this feature is so beneficial. Users will have the security of HTTPS without having to configure certificates and installation for their website. And renewal dates? Users won’t have to worry over those either because HTTPS is supported out of the box.
  • Security: Using Latch for HTTPS will give an Umbraco user’s website the ability to communicate securely with visitors, and the visitors will be able to see a green “Secure” icon to help them feel at ease.

How to Get Umbraco Latch

Want to hop on board? Here’s how:

  1. Attach a domain name to your new Umbraco Cloud project.
  2. There is no step 2.

Yes, it really is that easy. Once you follow through with step 1, Latch should enable HTTPS within minutes. For an existing project, all you need to do is re-add your domain configuration and this will enact Latch.

Umbraco V 7.12

This latest Umbraco software update comes with new features and bug fixes, some taken from the feedback given by Umbraco users.

Resend user invitations

A previous issue found was that the invitations users could send out to potential new users could only be sent once. Obviously, users had no way of knowing if their message expired or was accidentally sent to a spam folder. But with the new version, they will have the option of rewriting and resending these invitations.

Find and restore files from recycle bin

Although Umbraco allows users to restore deleted media files, this update shows the user a message that tells them where their file was located and gives the option of restoring that file. This way, users don’t have to search forever for a file that they may have hastily deleted.

New color picker for icons

The color picker in Umbraco V 7.12 has adapted from text icons to color indicators, showing users exactly what color their document type icons will be. Did you used to think “Deep Purple” was just a band? Now you can see the color itself displayed on the screen in real time.

Document type collections

This option gives users the ability to create two different document types in one task. The update accomplishes this - and makes the system less cumbersome - by making the item document type automatically allowed under the parent document type.

Link to anchors in the rich text editor

While you could link to anchors in the past by using HTML, this update makes it much easier. You, or an editor, can now manually enter in an anchor name or a query string for a link. The update also includes detection for existing anchors.

Bug fixes

Some of the UI elements that are improved in this version were sent in by Umbraco users, and they include fixes to:

  • The back office tree expansion icon missing when refreshing.
  • Toggles: Update notification settings to use new button UI & angular form; Use umb-toggle directive on document type tab List view; Use umb-toggle directive on document type tab Permissions.
  • Back office password field 'eye' icon that overlaps with password manager icons.
  • Adding the option to sort pre-values in color picker.

How to Get Umbraco V 7.12

Want to get updated? Here’s how to download the new version:

  1. Add a Development Environment to your project.
  2. Ensure the content is restored to the Development Environment from your Live Environment.
  3. Once the Development Environment is set up with no pending changes, you are ready for the upgrade.
  4. Click “Upgrade Available” on the Development Environment.
  5. When the upgrade is done, check the Development Environment to ensure everything is correct.
  6. Deploy the upgrade to the next environment, whether it is Live or Staging.

That’s it! Umbraco’s updates were designed with plenty of user-influence, so they are available to improve the online experience and security of each user.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with Umbraco’s newest features, be sure to take advantage of them and learn more about how they could benefit your website. Visit to get more information and stay up-to-date with the platform’s latest updates.

For more on technology, data, and protection, visit Falls Digital and learn how a digital transformation can keep your business secure, reimagine your online presence, and optimize your relationships with customers.

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