New Google Search Console: Increased Page Performance

February 22, 2018 | Chris Caputo
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Google is rolling out its new Search Console and its updates are looking promising for SEOs and content specialists trying to gain more insight into how pages are performing on their website. Here is a highlight of what you can look for as Google rolls out these new updates.

Search Performance
Focused on delivering better reporting details when it comes to search performance, users will be able to gain more insight on:

  • which search queries are most likely to bring your website up in Google search results
  • the search queries being made on a smartphone vs. a tablet or desktop
  • which site pages have the highest and lowest click-through rates via Google search results

Index Coverage
The updated Index Coverage feature sends you alerts when an index error has occurred. This way you can quickly research and work on resolving the problem in real-time. The Index Coverage also provides:

  • diagnostic tools to help you understand the source of the problem
  • examples and tips on how to fix the issue
  • a share button to send the issue to specific team members

AMP (Accelerated Monitoring Performance) Status Report
Working to create a better experience for development and search teams, the AMP status report helps teams quickly identify the errors appearing in Google Search results. The report includes:

  • AMP pages grouped by issue
  • sample pages impacted by the error
  • information on how to fix the errors
  • tips on updating Google once resolved

Job Postings
Coordinating with Google’s release of Google for Jobs last year, users will be able to list job openings through Search Console. This new enhancement will:

  • enhance job seekers’ experience with structured data
  • improve search results
  • easily integrate with third-party job sites

Slow Rollout
To help ease everyone into this new integration, Google plans on providing both the new and old versions of Search Console for awhile to allow you to reference back and forth between the two.

The SEO benefits
The new, enhanced features of Google Search Console will mean better data and clarity for SEOs. Google has notoriously kept the details of their data and algorithms under wraps. These new Search Console enhancements will start to provide clarity SEOs and marketers have been longing for. For help navigating the Google Search Console updates and changes, contact Falls Digital today.

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