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August 28, 2015 | Kristen Erickson


Millennials have an estimated $1.68 trillion in purchasing power with a marketing size of 75.7 million. After reading these statistics, there is no question you should be marketing to them. However, millennials are one of the hardest groups to market to. In the age of selfies and YOLO, marketing to this younger demographic is not simple, but it is also not as hard as you think.

Brand Evangelists Are Your Best Friends

95% of millennials say that friends are the most credible source of product information while 98% of millennials are more likely to engage with a friend’s post over a brand’s post. This means, “if you want get with millennials, you gotta get with their friends.” But seriously, building strong brand evangelists is one of the most effective ways to market to millennials.

Brand evangelists are people who love your brand and promote it without being paid or asked to. In order to gain brand evangelists, you need to have an awesome product that people really want to share with their friends.

Experiences not Things

It is no secret that millennials run the social media world. Social media is all about sharing your experiences and day to day life. Millennials love cool experiences that they can share with their friends. Brands that hold festivals, taste tests, or other events are exactly what millennials are looking for!

Disguise Your Marketing

Millennials are the first generation who have grown up with the internet and digital marketing. They will recognize your sponsored ads on Facebook and Twitter. In the same breath, millennials are not looking to buy into things. They buy into ideas. Brands like Toms Shoes appeal to millennials because they are buying more than just a shoe. They feel like they are making a difference. Food and skincare products with natural ingredients are booming thanks to the millennial’s buying habits.

Talk With Them Not at Them

Millennials want to feel like they have a voice and a decision. Companies that interact with their customers via social media and email have a much better chance of success in the world of marketing to millennials.

Despite common misconceptions, millennials are actually very intelligent. They see right through bad marketing and untruthful companies. The best way to build a relationship with millennials is by being transparent, honest, and open. Tell your customers about what you do and, more importantly, why you do it.

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