Is Marketing Automation Right for My Business?

July 29, 2015 | Chris Caputo


People want to feel like they have a genuine connection with a company. Sending out mass email blasts does not give people this feeling. Marketing automation allows you to tailor your messages to individual viewers without having to individually write every email.

For instance, you can create segmented lists to identify your contact’s individual needs. This way, you are only sending them offers that they would be interested in. When they download your offer, send them a personalized thank you note.

Have you ever heard of HubSpot, Marketo, Infusionsoft, or Teradata? These are all marketing automation systems. Marketing automation is a type of software that helps with marketing tasks.

What does Marketing Automation do?

Marketo defines marketing automation with this graphic:


Marketing automation is perfect for streamlining your marketing efforts. We realize that you can do most of the things on the list above without marketing automation software, but can you really do them all effectively at the same time? For most businesses, this is too much to handle.

Not The Easy Way Out

One of the biggest misconceptions about marketing automation is that does all the work for you. Using marketing automation does not mean that marketers no longer need to put in effort. Marketing automation does make marketing efforts more organized because everything is documented and in one place, but content still needs to be created, leads still need to be nurtured, and everything still needs to be monitored.

Know If What You Are Doing Is Working

Marketing automation allows you to better measure your marketing ROI. With built in analytics and lead measuring, you will know exactly which campaigns are bringing revenue and which are not. It is also easier to make segmented lists of your leads. We like to think that every lead is going to eventually be a customer, but not every lead is a potential buyer. It is important to segment your leads into specific buyer personas so you can best serve each one. Every lead is different so why treat them all the same? Revenue will increase when you start treating every lead like a person that you know and understand.


This handy infographic explains the most popular marketing automation software.

This comparison tool allows you to compare different marketing automation systems to find which is best for your company.

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