How to be Pin-stoppable!

July 10, 2015 | Chris Caputo


It is no secret that Pinterest is no longer a social network just for individuals. Now, so many businesses are using this visual social network to showcase their products and various uses for them. With Pinterest's Buy It button expanding to more businesses soon, you'll want to use these handy tips to make sure your company's Pinterest page is looking good!

  • Be consistent

If you have decided to start marketing using Pinterest, update your other marketing channels accordingly. Each blog post should have a button to “pin it,” email newsletters are a great place to showcase your popular pins of the week, and your website should have links to allow people to follow you on Pinterest.

  • Find a few ideal customers

Pinterest allows you to find nonfictional buyer personas and tailor your pins around them. A great strategy for this is to search for people who are pinning things similar to your brand, follow them, and try to make your pins emulate theirs.

  • Don’t leave your viewer hanging

Have you ever been on Pinterest, found something really cute, and clicked the link only to find out that the link attached to the pin is invalid or completely unrelated? This is the worst. Make sure your company never does this by ensuring that all of your pins have working links that are relevant to the photo and description on the pin.

  • Arm yourself with the best tools

Pinstamatic is an awesome tool to allow you to take your Pinterest presence to the next level. It has features like pinning quote images, Spotify music, Twitter profiles, calendar dates, places, or photos.  

The Pin It button to your browser allows you to pin things directly from the internet. Find a cool article? Pin in without having to copy and paste the link.

The Pinterest mobile app for iTunes or Android allows you to check your Pinterest on the go. This is a great way to quickly check on your progress when you have a few free minutes throughout the day.

  • Be a thought leader

Don’t forget to repin other pinner’s content. It is so easy to get wrapped up in our content and strategy that we sometimes miss the importance of pinning other’s content. Pinning relevant industry content from all different sources will make your company look like a thought leader and its Pinterest page will be the hub for everyone looking for information related to your industry.

If you include a dollar sign ($) in the pin description, it will automatically add a price tag to your pin. This makes pinners realize that the item is something that they can purchase directly from your website. Adding a price tag to your pin also puts it on the gifts page allowing more people to see it.

  • Pin to popular group boards

Pinning your pins to popular group boards ensures that people with an interest in your industry will see them. In order to find these groups, use PinGroupie. PinGroupie allows you to search for Pinterest groups by category, number of pins, and number of collaborators.

  • Scatter the timing of your pins

There’s nothing worse than logging onto Pinterest and having your homepage filled with all of the same things. Your friend was looking for a white dress and pinned 50 of them. Now your homepage is filled with white dresses. The same thing happens when your company pins too much in one sitting. There’s no magic number of times to pin per day, but use your judgement.

  • Pin images that are taller

Because of the layout of Pinterest, taller skinnier images draw the eye better than shorter images. They will stay on the page longer as your viewer scrolls.

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