As the data-driven economy continues to drive forward, DevOps are being pushed to their limit as organizations scramble to compete. The opportunity for DevOps teams lies not just in changing technologies, but in changing business processes.


SharePoint Adoption: 12 Tips to Get Employees on Board
SharePoint | Change Management | UX

Getting employees and coworkers on board with a new enterprise content management and document management system, like...

Storing Your Content in SharePoint is the
SharePoint | Content Marketing | AI

Managing collaborative content is no small task, especially when it comes to developing an optimized final product. Details...

Setting Up SharePoint Online: Avoid These Common Pitfalls
SharePoint | Cloud Infrastructure | Technology Modernization

By using SharePoint effectively, you can build a valuable asset for your company and the employees who use it on a daily basis....

Fog Computing or Edge Computing? Cloud Alternatives for Business Operations
Cloud Infrastructure | IoT | Technology Modernization

Once upon a time, the amount of data storage was a big problem. Not anymore. Instead of just aiming for cloud-based business...

HOT MARKET WATCH: Application Infrastructure and Middleware (AIM)
System Integration | Cloud Infrastructure | Technology and Data |

Business is changing—with various effects on the tech industries that are driving much of the revolution. And one result of...

Digital Trends Impacting the Software & Technology Industry
Technology and Data | IoT | Cloud Infrastructure | AI

Software and technology companies deal with a unique set of challenges as they face digital disruption. As tech companies, the...

Microsoft SharePoint Through the Years
Technology Modernization | SharePoint

Launched in 2001 by Microsoft, SharePoint is today’s leading collaborative content management platform—offering companies...

Fog Computing: A New Spin on the Cloud
Technology Modernization | Cloud Infrastructure | System Integration | IoT | Big Data | CIO

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has produced immense business growth opportunities, representing a significant...

Choosing the Right Technology Solutions for Your Business
Website Development | Umbraco | Sitecore | HubSpot | Salesforce | Microsoft

Today’s technology is evolving at the speed of light—and we wish we were exaggerating. It seems like every few weeks, there’s a...

Falls Digital is Now an Umbraco Registered Partner!
Marketing Automation | Umbraco | Website Development

Here at Falls Digital, we are thrilled to announce we have become an Official Umbraco Registered Partner! So, what exactly does...

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