Customer Experience

The modern customer holds high expectations when interacting with a business— both online and off. Prioritizing the customer experience (CX) by offering simple and positive interactions is the best way to not only meet these expectations, but to exceed them.


SharePoint Adoption: 12 Tips to Get Employees on Board
SharePoint | Change Management | UX

Getting employees and coworkers on board with a new enterprise content management and document management system, like...

The Modern Patient: Understanding Today's Healthcare Consumer
Customer Experience | Customer Obsession | Healthcare

Americans haven’t experienced physician house calls from a kind doc with a little black bag in decades, but modern patients...

The B2B Value of the Net Promoter Score
Customer Obsession | NPS

Do you love our company? It’s what every business wants to know if they honestly care about providing a great experience for...

HubSpot vs. Pardot: How these B2B Marketing Automation Platforms Stack Up
B2B | Marketing Automation | HubSpot | Salesforce

With increasing global competition and the need to effectively market a company’s brand, image, and products, there has been a...

Reclaiming CX in the Building Products Industry
Customer Obsession | Omnichannel

More than ever before, individual consumers are becoming intimately involved in every stage of home renovation and...

The Business Value of a Customer Journey Map
Customer Journey Mapping | Customer Obsession | Omnichannel

The customer-brand relationship is critical to long-term business growth. Many brand loyalists attribute their devotion to...

Building a B2B Digital Advertising Strategy
Digital Advertising | B2B

Editor's note: This post was originally published in August 2017 and has been updated to be more current and comprehensive....

CX is the Key to Growth for B2B Manufacturers
Customer Obsession | Digital Disruption | B2B

When asked to describe which brands they’re loyal to and why, these Reddit users rattled off story after story of exceptional...

Pairing Transparency with Corporate Responsibility is an Effective Brand Strategy
Modern Marketing | Brand Messaging | Customer Obsession

The customer-brand relationship is more complicated than ever before. A transaction used to be simple: a brief exchange of...

Business Resolution: Customer-Obsession
Digital Strategy | UX | Customer Obsession

2017 brought an abundance of new buzzwords for marketers to hang their hats on. From “influencer marketing” to “the Internet of...

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