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Falls Digital is the interactive agency that delivers on our clients’ vision by augmenting their team with expert, value-aligned staff

Who We Are

We are an impassioned group of technology junkies, online experts and inbound marketing strategists who understand the profound value of digital and how to harness its power to drive traffic, generate leads and impact your business’ bottom line.  

What We Do

The details: we build websites, write emails, deploy landing pages, publish #tweets, manage projects, design ads, consult, train, educate... the list goes on and on. In a nutshell, we construct integrated digital marketing systems that pull buyers right to your virtual front door.

Conference Room

Life at Falls Digital

Each of us found our way to Falls Digital for a reason: we love the way marketing has evolved right along with technology. We love strategizing, planning, testing and learning. We live for client collaboration, brainstorm sessions and coming up with the winning idea as a team.

Simply put, we love what we do, and what we do helps businesses like yours succeed.

  • Chris Caputo Hidden Image

    Chris Caputo

    President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Amy Cartwright Hidden Image

    Amy Cartwright

    Director of Agency Operations

  • Michael Donahue

    Michael Donahue

    Director of Technology

  • Kristen Erickson Hidden Image

    Kristen Erickson

    Director of Inbound Marketing

  • Kristen Erickson

    Wendy Trem

    Director of Account Service

  • Amy Bogart Hidden Image

    Amy Bogart

    Senior Project Manager

  • Michelle Bueno Hidden Image

    Michelle Bueno

    Content Marketing Manager

  • Katrina Catacutan

    Katrina Catacutan

    Project Manager

  • Katie Hernan

    Katie Hernan

    Project Manager

  • Joanna Motrunecs Hidden Image

    Joanna Motrunecs

    UX Strategist

  • Jim Piller Hidden Image

    Jim Piller

    Lead Developer

  • Allison Plante

    Allison Plante

    Senior Inbound Marketing Specialist

  • Carlyn Smith

    Carlyn Smith

    Senior Account Executive

  • Gillian Sweny Hidden Image

    Gillian Sweny

    Business Development Executive

  • John Urbank Hidden Image

    John Urbank

    Senior Front End Developer